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This gorgeous natural dry skin body brush will make you fall in love with the practice of dry brushing.

Unlike many brushes on the market, this one is 100% vegan, made with natural sisal bristles, a fibre extracted from the Agave plant. We love the luxurious walnut wood base and lovely round shape, which make this brush totally unique. It’s not only a pleasure to use, it’s also a lovely addition to any bathroom decor.

We hope you incorporate this practice into your routine and start enjoying its wonderful benefits too.


Skin is the largest detoxification organ of the body. Along with the liver, kidneys, digestive system and lungs, it contributes to the body’s natural detoxification process. But when it’s clogged and blocked, it can’t function and detoxify properly.

By brushing your skin, you naturally stimulate the lymphatic system, improve blood circulation and help your body eliminate accumulated impurities, while supporting a healthier skin, stronger immune system and overall vitality. This simple, all-natural practice is a beautiful opportunity for self-care that helps you reconnect with yourself and support your wellbeing.


1. Improves circulation, moves the lymph and helps detoxify the body
2. Strengthens the immune system
3. Exfoliates, tones and clears the skin
4. Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Read about the health benefits and instructions of dry brushing here.


  • 100% vegan, with dark walnut wood head and natural sisal bristles
  • Created in Australia by Stass & Co
  • Dimensions of the brush : 11 cm (4.25″) head diameter, 5 cm (2″) height (including bristles). Length of bristles : 3 cm (1.25″). Length of handle : 2.5 cm (1″) x 17 cm (6.5″)


  • Brush your body with movements toward the heart, avoiding contact with water (for full instructions on how to brush, read this article)
  • After use, gently shake or tap your brush over a bin to release any dead skin
  • Keep brush in a dry place, away from moisture
  • Wash your brush every month or so (or as needed), by dipping the top part of the bristles in a small bowl filled with water and a gentle soap (such as castile soap). To prolong your brush’s lifespan and preserve its integrity, avoid having the walnut wood head in contact with water


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