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The inspiring duo behind Dans Le Sac is formed of two passionate female entrepreneurs in their twenties. With their lovely reusable bags, they combine style and functionality, while promoting a zero waste lifestyle.

Before this bag came into our lives, we were just like you, always wondering how in the world we were supposed to carry our baguettes around. With this bag, the trip home from the bakery has become so much more enjoyable.

Its long strap allows us to carry our bread fashionably over our shoulder or on our back, leaving our hands free to carry other groceries or bike or walk home without risking of damaging our precious baguette.

Designed to offset the environmental impact of thousands of disposable plastic and paper bags, this sturdy bag will be yours for years to come.

Its format is so practical, we even got a second bag that we use as a yoga mat bag!

*Because they make the perfect pair, we recommend buying this bag along with its friend, the bread bag.

  • Made in Quebec by Dans Le Sac
  • 100% natural unbleached cotton (beige)
  • With a long strap to easily carry it on your shoulder or back
  • Can fit up to two baguettes
  • Size: Length: 79 cm (31 inches) x Width: 20 cm (8 inches). Diameter: 13 cm (5.5 inches)


Machine wash cold. Hang to dry.


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