About The Shop


The Green Life Shop was born out of a desire to make accessible the products I have naturally brought into my home over the years, during my transition towards a healthier, more holistic lifestyle.

As a former compulsive buyer, my journey towards a healthier life has led me to completely revisit my purchasing and consuming habits. While I used to spend my money without thinking, I’m now making conscious efforts and choose to only bring into my home products that I truly love, that are made ethically and are in line with the footprint I want to leave in this world. It is with this philosophy of minimalism and conscious consumption that the idea of an online store started to emerge in my mind over a year ago.

When the desire to make The Green Life grow beyond its initial blog vocation became obvious, I turned to my twin sister and best friend Nancy to join me on this exciting journey. I’m lucky to have the best partner in the world by my side, who’s helping me bring this vision to life. We have been working together these past months into the creation of our dream shop.

We have carefully handpicked each item you will find in the shop, choosing only the best available. We will only ever stock products that are rooted in The Green Life values, embracing transparency, health, respect, sustainability, beauty and happiness.

The products you will find here are created by independent makers and artisans who are passionate about what they do. Each item has been made ethically, with love, and always with respect of the planet. They are designed to add beauty to your everyday life, and serve your health, well-being and happiness.

We hope to inspire your curiosity and encourage you to make more mindful purchasing decisions. We aspire to a world where everyone would consume less, but consume better.

We believe that by using and surrounding ourselves with consciously chosen products, we are making a step towards healthier, happier, and more inspired lives.  

We hope you will enjoy using these products as much as we enjoyed curating them.

Sophie & Nancy xo